Film/Video Work

Change Over Time (2013) 7 min.

An animated, experimental, personal documentary about the filmmaker’s first year on testosterone from an impressionistic and poetic perspective.

Change Over Time has screened in more than 65 film festivals nationally and worldwide! Change Over Time won a “Fruitie” award at the Fresh Fruit Festival in NYC!

Spiral Transition (2010) 6 min. 16mm film.

A documentary about the filmmaker’s relationship with his mother and how it is evolving and transforming as he transitions genders.

Spiral Transition has screened in over 65 film festivals, community events, and art events nationally and worldwide. Spiral Transition won two audience choice awards for Best Short Documentary at the CNKY LGBT Film Festival and Louisville LGBT Film Festival in 2012.

The trailer for Change Over Time. (2013)

Directing/Cinematography/Editing by Ewan Duarte

A short, experimental, stop-motion project by Ewan Duarte. (2012)

Persephone is a short, experimental portrait. (2008) Shot on Super 8 film.

Directing/Cinematography/Editing by Ewan Duarte.

Persephone won the El Capitan Award In the Short Film Competition at the Yosemite International Film Festival in 2009!

Found footage recycled project. (2009)

Edited by: Ewan Duarte

All video projects ©Ewan Duarte

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