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Ewan Duarte is a professional writer, photographer, educator, and award-winning independent filmmaker based in Portland, OR. Ewan holds his MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. His prior films, Spiral Transition (2010) and Change Over Time (2013) have won awards and screened in more than 140 film festivals worldwide such as Frameline, BFI London LGBT Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Oslo LGBT Film Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Gender DocuFilm Festival in Roma, Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Polari Film Festival in Austin, TX, and many more! Spiral Transition and Change Over Time are both distributed by the filmmaker and The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center.  http://www.cfmdc.org/user/11736


Ewan is currently working on a new documentary titled, Queering Yoga. To find out more about this exciting project, check out the website and like the Facebook page: www.queeringyoga.com



Ewan’s articles have been published in LILIPOH Magazine, Original Plumbing Magazine, IndieWIRE, Huffington Post, Chelsea Station Anthology, and Manifest: Transitional Wisdom on Male Privilege.

Original Plumbing Magazine:  http://www.originalplumbing.com/index.php/team/itemlist/user/522-ewanduarte

Chelsea Station Anthology: http://www.chelseastationmagazine.com/2016/08/change-over-time.html

Manifest: Transitional Wisdom on Male Privilege: http://wilgefortisbooks.blogspot.com/2016/07/manifest-transitional-wisdom-on-male.html

Ewan’s personal blog: http://ewanduarte.blogspot.com/


Ewan is available to screen his films in educational and community contexts and to speak about his films, trans themes and experiences in contemporary society, and in media. To book Ewan for an artist talk and screening and/or to purchase his films, contact him at: ewanduarte@gmail.com

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Follow @ewanduarte  https://twitter.com/ewanduarte

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Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user8794688


11.15 Ewan. Headshot 2

Photo by: Gwen Park



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